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Phi Sigma Tau run’s UNC’s Philosophy Club.

Philosophy Club is open to all, you don’t have to be studying philosophy or be a member of Phi Sigma Tau to attend!

This semester (Spring 2020), we meet on Thursdays at 7pm in Caldwell 213. To join our listserv, please email

Philosophy Club will meet once a week. Each week, we will introduce a new philosophical topic to discuss. Topics will range from the very abstract, like epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of the mind, to the more specific and practical, like business ethics, practical ethics scenarios, political thought, and death of the author. You don’t need any background knowledge whatsoever for Philosophy Club, we will always do a 5-10 minute debrief on the topics we’re discussing at the beginning of each meeting, and all of the topics we have selected are designed to be accessible for everyone to discuss regardless of whether or not they already have any familiarity with Philosophy Club.
If there’s a specific topic you’d ike us to discuss in Philosophy Club at some point this year, go ahead and fill out the topic request form!
For more information about membership and the application process, please contact Professor Mariska Leunissen at For more information about chapter events and happenings, please contact current president Alexandra Corbett at The general Phi Sigma Tau email is