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Meet the members of Phi Sigma Tau, and learn some more about our members of the month!


September: Alexandra Corbett

Meet the officers! Alexandra Corbett is Phi SIgma Tau’s president for the 2019-2020 year. She is a senior majoring in Philosophy and Psychology, with a minor in Neuroscience. Her interests in philosophy mainly focus in on value theory, and she is deeply passionate about contemporary metaethics. She is a massive book geek, and it’s been a lifelong dream of hers to become an author. She is involved with theater at UNC, and does some graphic design for Carolina Scientific. Some of her hobbies include sending her friends philosophy memes, painting, and listening to true crime podcasts and standup comedy. She owns three pairs of home-made upside down Star Wars pajamas.

For more information about membership and the application process, please contact Professor Mariska Leunissen at For more information about chapter events and happenings, please contact current president Alexandra Corbett at The general Phi Sigma Tau email is