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If you are interested in having a paper reviewed before you submit it to a journal, to a conference, as part of an application, or for some other need, please fill out the following form below. We will get back to you within one week to let you know who within Phi Sigma Tau will be reviewing it. Please allow at least two weeks for review.


Paper Review

Are you interesting in submitting a paper to an undergraduate journal or conference, but want a second set of eyes on it? You can fill out this form, and someone in Phi Sigma Tau will work with you on your paper to make sure that it is ready for submission!
  • If you are submitting a paper for review that you plan to use in an internship application, or for another need, please select "other" and explain in the question about submission requirements.


For more information about membership and the application process, please contact Professor Mariska Leunissen at For more information about chapter events and happenings, please contact current president Alexandra Corbett at The general Phi Sigma Tau email is